Welcome to Eversafe!

Welcome to EVERSAFE! Here you will find all the information you need regarding the on-going project. To help you get started, here is a short overview of what this endeavour is all about. You can read more about the progress in the Eversafe Newsletter.


The EVERSAFE, or Everyday Safety for Electric Vehicles, project focuses on the determination of safety requirements for 2nd generation electrically propelled vehicles. The motivation behind this topic can be found in the About tab.


EVERSAFE is part of ERA-Net Transport Electromobility+ Programme. It is a European project whose funding is evaluated at 1,7M€. The project is divided in 4 Work Packages (WP), which are presented in the Work Plan tab. More information about the ERA-Net Transport programme can be found at www.transport-era.net.


The project had a time span of two years. It has started in May of 2012 and is now finished.


The consortium consists of 6 members representing Germany and Sweden. The members range from research institutes and universities to the car industry. For more information, check the Consortium tab.